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Hearing Aids and Face Masks

Selecting the Right Mask

Length of straps

You will want to ensure the strap length is correct. If the straps are too short, they can pull your ears forward. Not only will this cause discomfort but it will make your hearing aids less secure. The straps should be long enough so your ears are able to rest in their natural position when you are wearing the mask.

Thickness of straps

A mask with thin elastics or strings will fit better around your ears and with your hearing aids. If the straps are too wide, they can pull your ears forward or dislodge your hearing aids, even if it is the appropriate length.

Position of straps

While many masks have the ear loops, there are styles were the straps tie around your head. Since the straps are not resting on your ears with your hearing aids, it may make removal easier and be more comfortable. You can also make or purchase face mask adapters which hook ear loops behind your head. This can help straps from interfering with your hearing aids.

Removing Your Mask

How to remove your mask

If you wear a mask with ear loops and hearing aids, you’ve probably have pulled your hearing aids off your ears at least once while removing your mask. Try removing the straps from the top of your ears to the bottom to help avoid the straps tangling with your hearing aids. Put one finger just in front of your ear between the mask and your head and slowly sweep your finger back and trace your way down the back of your ear. Ensure your hearing aids are still in place after removing your mask.

When to remove the mask

If you are concerned about losing your hearing aids while removing your mask, you may want to wait until you are in a secure area, like your home or inside your car.

REMEMBER: Removing your own mask will not help you hear better! If you are having difficulty with your communication partner, be sure to practice good communication strategies. This includes asking for a rephrasing instead of repetition, asking for speech to be louder or slower, and reducing background noise. If this is not enough, you may have to use writing to communicate or a speech to text app on your phone. Clear facemasks can be purchased and they allow you to read someone’s lips.

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